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Car Servicing and Repairs in Stockport


If you are looking for a garage that provides reliable and reasonably priced car servicing and repairs in Stockport then there’s only one place to go – CHF Autos. We provide a high level of customer service and have over twenty years of practical experience in the industry. Our team is made up of a group of well trained and knowledgeable individuals who love what they do. Over the years we have built a solid reputation for trustworthiness and value for money. We believe that the reason we have such a loyal customer base is down to our commitment to quality. We feel it’s important to live up to our reputation and therefore we make sure that all our car servicing and repairs in Stockport aligns to the same high standard.

Speedy Van Repair in Stockport

The vast majority of vans on the road today form a key part of the average business. Whether it’s for deliveries, hauling large equipment or transporting products, there’s no denying that a van is the best vehicle for the job. Because of their important role in day to day business, when your van breaks down it could spell bad news for you, especially so if you’re on a tight schedule. CHF Autos has the solution; not only can we provide you with the very best van repair in Stockport but we can do so out of business hours. We are willing to provide you with van repair in Stockport during the week and late into the evening. We know that your time is precious so this method allows us to help you make the best use of it.

Comprehensive MOT Testing

Everyone knows that MOTs are an essential part of owning and running a vehicle. Unfortunately, the time between MOTs does seem to get shorter and shorter. After the initial three years of a vehicle’s life, the law requires that regular MOT tests are conducted every once a year thereafter. The reasons for this are obvious; a vehicle in good condition is a safe vehicle. How then can you ensure that your vehicle or vehicles are roadworthy without making a big hole in the wallet? The solution can be found in fleet maintenance in Stockport. Fleet maintenance in Stockport can be easily arranged and can save you a considerable amount of money. This is particularly true if your business makes use of more than one or two vehicles. If you would like to know more about fleet maintenance in Stockport please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.